Course Overview

This study provides an overview to the New Testament in a logical, understandable way. The study focuses on two main eras: the coming of Christ and the going of the church. Someone unfamiliar with the Bible will gain a comprehensive overview of the New Testament, and those more experienced Bible students will go deeper in their understanding.
New testament course

What You'll Learn

  • Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

    An overview of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the central figure in God’s story

  • God's Strategy to Reach the World

    An overview of God’s design for the church, his strategy to reach the world and grow disciples..

  • Your Role in God’s work

    A challenge to identify and embrace your role in God’s work in and through the church.

Course curriculum

  1. Welcome

  2. Lesson 1: Introduction: How the New Testament is Put Together

  3. Lesson 2: Christ’s Private Period and Public Period

  4. Lesson 3: Christ’s Trials Period and Triumphant Period

  5. Lesson 4: The Church’s Private Period and Public Period

  6. Lesson 5: The Church’s Trials Period and Triumphant Period

About this course

  • Free
  • 2 hours of video content
  • 6 Lessons

What People are Saying​

Dr. Jerry Rankin

Former President, International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Dr. Bill Jones has made another valuable contribution to students of the Bible, whether one is approaching God’s Word as a scholar, layperson, or new believer seeking to grasp and scope and meaning of the New Testament….Asking the questions of what, where, when, why, and how, the charts and easy-to-understand outlines aid the reader in understanding the meaning of the text and the significance of the message. One of the most valuable insights is how the diverse testimonies of biblical writers focus on the unified purpose of God’s glory in restoring all peoples to fellowship with Him.

Tobin Cassells

President, Southeastern Freight Lines

Do you desire to better understand the Bible and learn how it all fits together? Do you want to know how the Bible should personally affect your life? Then this book is perfect for you! Not only does Bill Jones organize the material in a way that is easy to understand; it is also very easy to remember!

Josh D. McDowell

Author, Evidence That Demands a Verdict and More Than a Carpenter

Bill Jones encourages readers to ‘better master the Word of God and…allow the Word of God to master you.’ If that exhortation reflects the longing of your heart, Putting Together the Puzzle of the New Testament will effectively help you fulfill your desire.

Dr. Hans Finzel

Founder and President, HDLeaders Author, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

Bill Jones has a unique gift of seeing the big picture and making it understandable for all of us. This is absolutely one of the best resources out there for New Testament overview study.

Extra Resources Available for this Course

Putting Together the puzzle of the N.T.

By Dr. Bill Jones

This new edition of a bestselling evangelical survey of the New Testament (over 180,000 copies sold) has been thoroughly updated and features a beautiful new interior design. It is lavishly illustrated with four-color images, maps, and charts and retains the pedagogical features that have made the book so popular
Putting together the puzzle for the new testament book